HOGAN Distance 2 Piece Golf Balls

HOGAN Distance 2 Piece Golf Balls

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The HOGAN Distance 2 piece balls are perfect for new and improving golfers looking for improved distance and straighter shots.

The 2 piece construction featuring a highly energetic rubber core and durable Surlyn cover.

These balls are proudly not designed for elite golfers. They do not offer the highest level of spin for deft control around the green or for purposefully shaping shots - instead, they help accidentally shaped shots stay straighter and fly further.

It is our belief that the wrong golf ball can be incredibly damaging for a golfer. Don't be drawn in to buying an expensive premium ball that you can't compress or control - buy a ball that is designed for the golfer you are today.


  • 2 piece construction offering forgiveness and value for improving golfers
  • Optimized dimple pattern helps with longer, straighter flights
  • Durable Surlyn cover that is long lasting and won't scuff easily
  • Compression : 95