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Who We Are

We are confident in our ability to sell golf equipment for less than any other vendor on the web. We ship worldwide and have many loyal customers. Some even buy from us in volume and resell for profit at our regular prices! We have an excellent conversion ratio and most people that compare our products to the competition will buy from us.

Earn a 5% Commission on All Your Sales

You will receive 5% of all sales that come from a link on your site. On a $100 sale (our average order) you can earn $5! (applicable tax & shipping not included)

Trusted Third Party Tracks Orders and Pays You

We currently run two affiliate programs - Commission Junction (CJ) and Affiliate Future. Both use state of the art tracking technology to track your referred orders and ensure you earn the correct commissions. Both of these companies are leaders in the field, and their tracking is reliable, unbiased and secure, so you can be confident you will get your rewards.

Build a better site

We'll provide links that you cut and paste into your Web site. It takes seconds to build your links - even for beginners. You can also access reports online to see how well you're doing. We handle the order, shipment and billing; when qualifying purchases are made through your link, you earn the commissions.

How to get Started right Away

  1. Sign up with Commission Junction.
  2. After signing up you'll receive information from the affiliate network on how to tag up your web pages and start earning cash from

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