Young Gun ZAAP Junior Kids Golf Right Hand Mallet Putter

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Young Gun ZAAP Junior Kids Golf Right Hand Mallet Putter

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Young Gun

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Dedicated to making junior golf equipment, Young Gun has become one of the leading junior golf companies in the world.

The Young Gun ZAAP Putter is a perfect addition to your junior set, with a cavity back design with alignment lines putting has never been so easy. Manufactured by Young Gun Golf, and backed up with a 12 month warranty.


  • MALLET STYLE PUTTER – This style has a higher MOI for more consistent putts, even when not struck perfectly
  • ALIGNMENT AID – Help your young golfer aim in the right direction, and train an accurate putting eye for life
  • OFFSET SHAFT – Shaft/hosel is offset out of the way, providing the full putter face for putting, ideal on new and inconsistent strokes


Young Gun uses a pioneering color-coding system to help you find the right fit. Find the color that’s appropriate for your child, and order across the range knowing it is the same fit.

  • Yellow - 3-5 years - for golfers 3'2" to 3'9" tall
  • Blue - 6-8 years - for golfers 3'10" to 4'2" tall
  • Red - 9-11 years - golf golfers 4'3" to 4'11" tall
  • Green - 12-14 years - golf golfers 5' to 5'5" tall


Color - Putter
Yellow - 3.5° Loft, 22"
Blue - 3.5° Loft, 26"
Red - 3.5° Loft, 30"
Green - 3.5° Loft, 32"