Zebra Golf AIT2 Golf Mallet Putter, Right Hand

Zebra Golf AIT2 Golf Mallet Putter, Right Hand

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This design has the look of a small mallet, but all the forgiveness of a high moment of interia design. The internal weighing along with the fang design helps give this putter increadable forgivenss for it's size. The fang alignment lines enhances the alignment while framing the ball at address perfectly. The FSC insert completes the forgiveness package of this new design, while giving impact a soft yet responsive feel.

  • ZEBRA STRIPE SYSTEM  - Tour proven, major winning Stripe system  -Elongated stripes to easily align the target  -Better alignment means you make more putts. It's as simple as that.
  • HIGH MOI WITH ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTS  - Internal weighting pads push weight to heel and toe for max MOI  -Optimized for forgiveness with two 15g weights. Additional weights sold separately.  -Replace with lighter or heavier weights to create perfect balance for your stroke
  • MULTI-MATERIAL INSERT CONSTRUCTION  - All new multi material construction gives soft feel of urethane with responsiveness of a steel face  -Construction allows removal of weight from face to fine tune mass properties for forgiveness and performance
  • FRICTION ROLL CONTROL DESIGN  - Groove pattern gives the friction at impact needed to impart topspin and lower launch angle  -This action maximizes ground contract during the roll's skid phase  -Controlled and consistent skid phase is crucial for controlling overall distance
  • PREMIUM HEADCOVER - Quality headcover completes this offering