Palm Springs Performance Baselayers 2 for 1

Palm Springs Performance Baselayers 2 for 1

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Palm Springs

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A base layer works to keep you as comfortable as possible during exercise. It does this by actively moving sweat away from the skins surface and maintaining the core body temperature through advanced material technology. The innovative materials are used to stimulate an increase in blood flow which can enhance performance and offset exercise fatigue.

The Palm Springs Summer Base Tech Base Layers are specifically designed to keep you cool through a warm indoor or outdoor activity. During the summer months a base layer will deliver the most affective results, keeping unwanted moisture away from the skin.


  • Designed to enhance the bodies circulation and increase body oxygenation
  • High elastic content material ensures an exact fit which works to reduce lactic acid build-up generated during exercise.
  • The material boasts a moisture wicking management system in which the bodies moisture is drawn away from the skin to keep you dry.
  • Outstanding design with an emphasis placed on the contours of the body ensuring a soft and comfortable non restricting garment with no seam friction.
  • Full length arms and body, mock-turtle neckline.
  • Super cooling effect
  • Fabric Composition: 90% Polyester 10% Spandex

Please note that these compression tops are sized to be skin tight, if this would not be comfortable for you, please select a size larger than you would normally choose.