We're serious. We believe Ram golf balls are simply the best value on the market.

There's no compromise on quality - we've just optimized every part of the supply chain to deliver you the very best value.

How did we do it?

First off - we're direct

Then, we got rid of all the packaging

"Normal" golf balls come in a pretty color box. Inside the pretty color box are four pretty color sleeves.


These can cost anywhere up to $3, and by the time you've had everyone in the normal model mark up, you could be paying nearly $10 a dozen in packaging that you end up throwing in the trash.

Ram Golf Balls come in a plain bag, in a USPS box. Nothing fancy. Nothing but a box of value.

Finally, we bulked up

The only downside to our model is that we deliver them to your door. That costs money.

However, the cost doesn't go up with bigger quantities. So by only selling in 3 or 6 dozen quantities, the cost per ball comes WAY down, to just a few cents per ball.

The end result?

Golf's best value golf balls.

Introducing the models

Laser Distance
2 piece distance

3 Dozen - $34.99
(97¢ a ball)

6 Dozen - $49.99
(69¢ a ball)

Laser Spin
2 piece spin

3 Dozen - $34.99
(97¢ a ball)

6 Dozen - $49.99
(69¢ a ball)

Laser Plus
Lower compression for slower swings

3 Dozen - $39.99
($1.11 a ball)

6 Dozen - $59.99
(83¢ a ball)

Tour Spin
Premium 3 piece ball

3 Dozen - $49.99
($1.39 a ball)

6 Dozen - $79.99
($1.11 a ball)