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Pride Professional Tee System

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Features Of The Pride Professional Tee System:

The majority of today’s players have large volume drivers. Unfortunately, most are still using the traditional 2 1/8" short tee which is totally incapable of properly positioning the ball with respect to the drivers “sweetspot”. Pride Golf Tee has the solutions … the ProLength™ 2 3/4" and Prolength-Plus™ 3 1/4" tees.

“From a playability standpoint, the higher sweet spot requires one adjustment: You must tee the ball higher.” — Butch Harmon, Golf Digest Oct. ’03

  • A high (long) tee encourages a shallow approach and maximizes the launch angle
  • At least 1/2 of the ball should be above the topline of the tee
  • The majority of PGA Tour players use ProLength™ and Prolength-Plus™ tees each week
  • Bigger is Better!
  • Today's golfers need 3 different tee lengths to elevate the ballbased upon the selected club
  • Colour code allows for easy identification of tee size
  • Colour bar ensures consistant set-up each time you tee the ball.
  • “…Save your standard-length tees for par 3s!” — Butch Harmon

Choose from the following packets

54mm 2.1/8" Pro SHORT tees contain 120 per pack (red)
69mm 2.3/4" Pro LENGTH tees contain 100 per pack (yellow)
83mm 3.1/4" Pro LENGTH-PLUS tees contain 75 per pack (blue)
100mm 4" Pro LENGTH-MAX tees contain 50 per pack (green)

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