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Wholesale at Golf Outlets USA

Ready to make some extra $$$'s selling our products?

We have a thriving network of resellers earning a substantial income selling our products. There are so many opportunities to sell them, including to:
  • Friends and family
  • A local group or society
  • Your local golf course
  • Local trade fairs
Buying from us has numerous benefits:
  • Share our huge buying power as one of the world's largest suppliers of golf equipment
  • Good margins and strong price points to help you make more profitable sales
  • Pre-written descriptions and images that you are free to use
  • Quick shipping so you don't have to tie up your cash in stock
  • Friendly and helpful staff who will strive to help you achieve success
  • Low minimum order values
If you are interested in becoming one of our trade customers, or for more information, call Dave Murphin on 1.760.360.2723 or email him at

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