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Bubba's drive leaves it's mark again - on a fan!

Bubba Watson fan Radd Leonard wanted to see his hero's big hook drive more than anything. He got to see alright, he even got to feel it first-hand!

In the second round of the Zurich Classic, Watson unleashed one of his crushing tee-shots on the second hole. It didn't find the fairway first off, but it did belatedly via an assist from Leonard's head!

"I saw it coming and it looked like it was hooking right at me. I wanted to see that big hook, you know, and I got to see it. I turned and ducked and it still hit me," Leonard said. "It gave him a good bounce, anyway."

The 52-year-old Baton Rouge native felt the the impact of the ball strike him in the back of the head where it drew blood, and he was quickly submerged by medics. Fortunately, despite the dramatic splotches of blood on his gray shirt, the motorcycle shop owner was fine and remained on the course, after treatment.

A handshake from Watson and a signed glove would have certainly helped a lot. Although caddie Ted Scott pointed out - to guffaws from the crowd - that if only Leonard had angled his head a little further down the fairway, he'd have helped Bubba more.

"I'll be all right," Leonard said. "As long as I didn't black out, I figured everything was OK."

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