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PGA Comish denies European Tour buy-out

Despite PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem well-known desires for a world tour of golf in the future, he dismissed rumors that his organization was on the verge of taking over the European Tour.

Media speculation, fueled by reports on Tuesday by two British newspapers - The Telegraph and The Daily Mail - had been running rife that the American group would seek to take advantage of the continued economic struggles in Europe.

It was suggested that in purchasing the Tour, the PGA could also maximise the links already developed by their European counterparts in the financially attractive Chinese Golf market.

However, Finchem has strongly denied any amalgamation of the two tours, saying that they will explore "collaborative efforts" to globalise the game.

Keith Waters, the chief operating officer of the European Tour, while conceding that the two Tours were not competing on an even level, he was quick to reject the idea there was any takeover in the offing.

"The golf market in Europe is significantly smaller than in the United States.

"Hence the European Tour's expansive policies throughout the world over the past 16 years, which includes co-operation with the US PGA Tour in the World Golf Championships arena.

"However, the notion that the US PGA Tour is somehow bidding to buy the European Tour is incorrect."

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