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US Open "Jungle Bird" activist not charged

Englishman Andrew Dudley, more famously known as the U.S. Open "Jungle Bird", was released by San Francisco Police without charge, after he bizarrely videobombed Webb Simpson's trophy presentation with his squawking bird impressions.

The random avian antics by Dudley were, according to the 40-year-old, an attempt to raise awareness for deforestation. Although he issued an apology of sorts to Simpson in an interview with CNN, Dudley insisted that his cause was more important than the winner's ceremony.

And despite being quickly whisked off the scene by security and restrained, the local police department said that Dudley was merely detained for public intoxication and no criminal charges were filed.

"There is no trespassing, since he had a ticket to be there," police spokesman Albie Esparza told the San Francisco Chronicle on Tuesday.

"All he did was go on the green of the 18th hole and make a bird noise."

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