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Nick Faldo: Tiger won't beat Nicklaus record

Tiger Woods has had more than his fair share of doubters over the last three years, but he can add another in the shape of Sir Nick Faldo.

The six-time major winner, the latest to weigh in on the former World No1's quest to break Nicklaus' 18-major record, and he's not optimistic.

"I think it's slim, people want a yes or no, I'd lean towards no," said Faldo, who won the last of his majors in 1996 at the U.S. Masters.

"As you get older the little demons sit on your shoulder, you've seen one too many bad shots at the wrong time, and it starts to eat away at you."

While the former English star and now Golf Channel analyst acknowledged Woods's improved form - the 36 year-old is currently ranked No2 and won three PGA Tour events this year -  Faldo stressed the toll Tiger's much publicized private life scandal has taken and emphasized that it's major championships that truly count towards redemption.

"He's still consistent but he is frustrated right now because he wants to win majors. We've gone four years since his last US Open win.

"A lot of people thought he would just deal with it (private life problems) and get back on the golf course but he seriously mentally scarred himself and it's not going to be as easy as people think.

"He wrecked that wonderful tranquility you get of going to the golf course on a practice day and tipping out a bag of balls and just thinking of golf.

"Sure he can come back and do things but it won't be as dominant, like he was.

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