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Davis praised for his honesty.

The PGA has received a flurry of emails, praising the Golfer Brian Davis honesty and integrity following his self imposed penalty on himself at the Verizon Heritage Golf Tournament.

Davis called a two shot penalty on himself after brushing a reed with his golf club on his backswing. The penalty cost him the tournament and gave Jim Fury the championship win

The English golfer will tee off in the Zurich Classic of New Orleans today, and his fellow golfers are also praising him

“It is very unique about golf," Charles Howell III, one of Davis and Furyk's main rivals at Harbour Town, said.

"I think the fans can appreciate it a bit. The situation in itself is bizarre to me, because in watching it, I didn't see a rules infraction at all.

It's bizarre in the fact that you have to go to a high speed camera and slow it down to find one. So for Brian to even feel that he touched that was incredible.

"In that situation with the adrenaline and the nerves, I'm surprised he even felt he touched that twig. That's what was amazing.”

Jerry Kelly the last year’s winner of the Zuric Classic golf tournament said New Orleans defending champion Jerry Kelly added: "The funny thing is it does make you proud to be in a membership that is honest like that.

"I don't know of any other sports or any other businesses in the current climate where stretching the rules just doesn't happen

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