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Love grateful to be just a normal player again

After two long years taken up with Ryder Cup commitments, Davis Love III can finally get back to the day job and focus on being back on the course as just a regular player on Tour.

''I felt at the end of the year, it hit me that I'd had a long year,'' Love said. ''I kept saying that it was not distracting me from playing, but it was. It was more mental. I put so much thought into it, and then there's the media and business stuff the PGA of America puts on you.''

Turning 49 this year, some have speculated that Love might be turning his thoughts towards winding down his career and eying up the Champions Tour.

However, Love is not quite ready to give up on a 27 year career on the PGA Tour, and intends to play out the full season, even going through qualifying for the majors he doesn't gain automatic entry.

''We did it when we were 20,'' he said. ''Why wouldn't you do it now?''

The question is can he add to the 20 wins he already holds?

''If I get into that mode without a lot of distraction and if I'm prepared,'' Love said. ''That's what makes Tiger so good. He's ready every time he shows up. Now, coming out of the snow, I'm not quite ready. But the rest of the year, I'm going to be ready when I show up.''

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