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Tiger's Neck Injury

Tiger Woods has confirmed that his recent neck injury which forced him to retire on the seventh hole at the Players Championships  this week has nothing to do with his car crash back in November last year.

After the crash, Tiger was admitted to hospital with a sore neck and a cut lip.

He claims however that his neck has only been bothering him since 2 weeks before his return to golf at the Masters in Augusta

At that point he thought the injury was nothing to worry about and played on through it, taking anit-inflammatory drugs. He now plans to have an MRI to see if there is a more major problem back in Orlando.

"I'm at a point now where I just can't go anymore," he said. "I want to practice, I want to play, I want to compete, but this is not allowing me to do the things that I need to do on my golf swing to hit the proper shots. I need to get to where I can do that again."

Obviously frustrated that he had to withdraw from the Tournament last Sunday. Woods said 

"For me not to play all 18 holes, that was as angry and as frustrated as I've been in a long time

There is now uncertainty as to when Tiger will compete in his next golf tournament.

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