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92 year-old man hits 12th Hole In One

92 year-old Australian player Tommy Watts is not only still alive and kicking on the golf course, but has recently notched up his 12th hole-in-one.

The modest nonagenarian doesn’t see the fuss though – it’s all part of a well-trodden routine.

Since his retirement 42 years ago, Watts has been heading out to his local green every other day at the crack of dawn to take on his beloved course a few miles from his home.

The veteran’s customary jaunt round the holes is as much a part of his lifestyle as his unerring aim and drive is part of his well-honed game.

While he’s not birdying every time, let alone holing out in one, the lifelong member of the Scotchman's Creek Golf Club in the suburbs of Melbourne has earned a reputation for his cool, laid-back demeanour, something he attributes to his impressive longevity on the course.

"I never lose my temper. It's just another occasion and you take it as it comes," he said.

And so, the latest hole-in-one was no biggy for the man from Down Under, as he breezed through the par-three 9th last week, greeting his achievement with a smile and a nod.

Watts, a grandfather of four, said his hole-in-one history began in 1979 and he intended to continue playing golf as long as he was able.

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