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Contraversial Daly storms out of Down Under

The Australian Open's tournament director, Trevor Herden, has vowed American two-time major winner John Daly will never play at the tournament again after the man known as “Wild Thing” stormed off the course midway through his first round.

The 45-year-old quit after hitting six balls into the water from the 11th tee at The Lakes Golf Club.

The American then shook hands with playing partner Craig Parry before walking off the course.

"It's very disappointing, obviously, for the tournament and certainly unprofessional," said Herden.

"I'm extremely bitter and disappointed that he's treated this championship this way.

"It's becoming a bit of a habit, something similar happened last week or the week before, but it's unacceptable and I certainly hope that all the tours deal with it in the appropriate manner this time.

"We are definitely disappointed in that attitude and that behaviour. It's unprofessional. We've got to protect the sport and the image of this championship which is the real thing that I am totally upset with.

"We've got the best field ever and he wants to treat it like this, it's just not good enough. I would say this will be the last time we see John Daly."

These actions are by no means uncommon for the headline-making Daly, who as recently as late September walked off the course during his second round at the Austrian Open for rule infringement.

Daly later tweeted an explanation for his most recent walkout: "When you run out of balls you run out of balls. Yes I shook my player’s partner’s hands & signed my card with rules official."

But Herden pointed out that a lack of golf balls was hardly call for Daly's actions: "If you run out of golf balls and are acting in a professional manner, you would call the course officials and we would replenish his stock."

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