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PGA Tour Chief bullish about Tiger in 2012

PGA commissioner Tim Finchem is confident that Tiger Woods will have triumphant return to form in 2012. Woods will not only be helping himself get back on track but also have the knock –on effect of securing US PGA finances and giving golf a boost globally ahead of its 2016 Olympic return, Finchem asserted.

"I know how hard his work ethic has been the last year and a half," Finchem said. "I sense that his confidence is coming back on greens -- not that he's ever said there's any problem with his confidence, but he's putting better and striking the ball well.

"So I would look for him to have a very solid year this year and that's a good thing for us."

Finchem would have been feeling particularly confident about the upshot in the Tour’s fortunes following the television contract extensions signed last year, a set of rising you stars and commitments to the PGA Tour from the likes of England’s Lee Westwood and reigning US Open champion Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland.

"The two main reasons we are excited about the season are this continuing growth of enthusiasm and excitement about the young players coming up (and) we are close to a point where we can really look out and see our future from a business and sponsorship standpoint for a good number of years," Finchem said.

"Unless something changes, we seem to be handling a less-than-full-out economic situation, at least in the United States, in reasonably good form. We are making progress and going, maybe not the same rate we were during the great economy but a solid growth rate.

"(We have) the opportunity to help grow the game globally leading up to the 2016 Olympics, when golf will re-enter the Olympics in Rio. We are seeing solid growth in the game around the world and certainly the development of golf going to the Olympics is going to help fuel that."

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