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Alligator attacks senior citizen at golf course

Some water hazards are more appropriately named than others, take the one at Florida's Lake Ashton Golf and Country Club, it's got alligators with a taste for more than mis-hit golf balls.

75-year-old Albert Miller nearly found just how much.

After finding the water from the 15th green, Miller went over to retrieve his ball. Finding two alternative balls, Miller turned to leave; or at least that was the plan.

A large alligator sprung out from the under water and clamped his jaws around the septugenarian's left knee and began it's vicious assault.

"He lifted me up three feet and slammed me down," Miller said.

Nearby golfers came to help, and tried to pull Miller away from the animal which was intent on pulling him down into the water. A deadly game of tug-and-war ensued.

"It was excruciating to say the least," Miller said.

Despite the help it was a losing battle. One hundred and ninety pounds worth of reptile locked his jaws and pulled Miller inexorably backwards inch by inch.

But someone was looking down on Miller, or fate's simply decreed it wasn't his time yet.

"He let me go," Miller said. "I was three feet from my life. He had me submerged up to my belt buckle. That was my miracle of the month."

The senior citizen was taken to hospital and received 40 stitches on a 10-inch cut and two other wounds.

He added, "He just filleted me. You could see into the bone."

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