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Legends back golf for Olympics 2016

With golf set to take the Olympic stage in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, the stars of the Champions Tour have come out in force to back the sport's participation.

Three-time major winner Nick Price originally wanted the sport to be limited to amateurs on an Olympic level but has since admitted that pro golf will be a welcome addition.

"It's due. It's past due," he said.

If golf would have been played in the Olympics 20 or more years ago, said the 55-year-old Zimbabwean. "I would have loved to represent my country."

1987 U.S. Open winner Scott Simpson was similarly skeptical at first but was also won around to the idea. The San Diegan was taking a break during a pro-am on Thursday to admit that watching the game in it's current iteration had gone some way to changing his mind.

""I never saw the point," he said. "But watching the Olympics and watching the interest that's been generated in all the sports, I became a convert. I think it'll be really neat."

David Frost, a 26-time professional winner on the Tour, also threw his support behind golf's Olympiad debut in four years time.

"I thought about that yesterday," said David Frost, 52, a native of South Africa. "I love the Olympics. Just to see all the top athletes of their game in every sport, it's quite amazing what everybody can do. Yeah, I think golf will be a great addition.

"If you look at other sports that they call 'athletics,' golf should be in there, too."

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