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My age not an issue for Ryder Cup says Watson

Despite having won eight major championships, never tasting Ryder Cup defeat in five outings and being an all-round legend of the game, there are still those in the golfing world who are not happy with Tom Watson Ryder Cup Captain. Mainly because by the time Team USA tees off at Gleneagles next year, Watson will be 65.

"I think some of the criticism of me is unfair, saying that I am old," said Watson. "That's just a fact.

"The other side of the coin is that I have been there before and the players know that I have been there before.

Watson is confident that his age will have no negative effect on his team's performance or the outcome of the biennial contest.

"The players know I've played in the Ryder Cup," he said.

"And they know that I've captained in the Ryder Cup. I know that they know that and it won't be problem."

His performance at Turnberry in 2009 at the Open Championship, where he came close to winning his sixth major, certainly showed the younger cubs on Tour that the older man still had the game to back up his knowledge.

"I scared those kids. I scared them.They looked at me and said 'Who's that old guy? He's not supposed to be here. Can he still play like that?' I got some street cred with the younger players, I certainly did. And maybe it helped make the decision by the PGA to ask me to be Ryder Cup captain."

Moreover, Watson's record in the Ryder Cup is more than impressive. He played in four Ryder Cups and never once tasted defeat, and in 1993 he captained the United States to victory at The Belfrey.

"Nothing has changed. In 1993 I said that I hoped I could bring some levity to it because the pressure is enormous; sometimes it's oppressive. You have to get that to subside in some way.

"Last year was great theatre even though we lost. We hope the theatre will be just as good next year but the outcome might be a little different."

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