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Palm Springs Spa Filter Cartridge - 2 Pack

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Palm Springs Filter Cartridge - 2 Pack

The filtering system in your hot tub or spa is the most important factor in ensuring your water quality. It is essential that clogged or worn out filters are replaced to prevent contaminated water being trapped in the spa.

By replacing the filter cartridge regularly you will avoid problems such as cloudy water and high chemical build up as well as causing damage to the pump.

Fits Palm Springs spa (except PRO).


What type of chemicals should be used?

Chlorine can be used if desired to maintain freshness of water, but customer should check with local pool supply store as to what concentration and frequency of application should be used

How frequently should the water be changed?

Weekly if used heavily and without chemicals. If chlorine is used, this can be less frequent, but depends on usage and conditions such as if left in direct sunlight (which will cause more algae growth). Common sense is the best thing to go by – if the water smells or looks funky, change it or treat it.


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