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Barkley says Tiger needs to toughen up

Most people praised Tiger Woods for taking the high road when Greg Norman accused him last week of being intimidated by Rory McIlroy. Both McIlroy and Woods laughed it off,  with the latter labeling the former "The Intimidator".

But former basketball star and golf aficionado Charles Barkley has taken a far more aggressive stance on the slight.

"I would like for him to just blast Greg Norman," Barkley told a morning radio show in Chicago.

Never one to suffer criticism gladly, Barkley suggested Woods come out all guns blazing, just as he himself would do.

"That situation gave everybody a chance to dump on [Woods]," Barkley said, "and [Woods] still tried to take the high road. I'm not a high road guy. I want him to come out and really blast Greg Norman."

A two-time major winner and a Hall of Famer, Norman recently reiterated his comment, saying they were based on Woods failure to make a major impact on Tour since McIlroy's PGA Championship win in the final major of the season.

Nevertheless, Barkley went even further in how he believed Tiger should react to criticism in the future.

"I wish I could put some of my blackness in him ... like toughness," Barkley said.

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