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Heritage Tournament looking for Sponsor

The Verizon Heritage Tournament is no longer going to be known by that name.  After the final golf ball was hit this Sunday, Verizon, are no longer the sponsors of the Heritage Golf Tournament. In fact the future of the whole tournament now appears to be in doubt as a replacement sponsor is still being sought.

The golf tournament has been going since 1969 when Arnold Palmer won and Verizon has sponsored the golf event since 1987, but has now decided to spread his sponsorship budget over several events instead of concentrating on the just one Golf Tournament

Golf pros certainly want to keep the tournament. Cink described it as “the anti-Augusta”. It does not have the same pressures as the Masters and quite often the golfers can be seen here with their families on bike rides, on the course or on the beach.

Golfer Boo Weekly thinks that the PGA should try and help the situation. He said “As a player it stinks that the PGA can’t help them out. “That’s my feelings. Why can’t the PGA Tour, they help everything else out, why can’t they come in here and say, ‘We’re going to help you all raise enough money to do this?’”

So keen is the county of Southern Carolina to keep the golf tournament that lawmakers there have voted to lend the tournament 10 million dollars to make sure it takes place next year.

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