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Miller:Tiger will tie Jack's record - not break it

NBC Sports golf analyst Johnny Miller is known for making brash predictions on-air, and he offered one about Tiger Woods in an exclusive Golf Magazine interview: Miller said Woods will win four more majors and at least 30 more tournaments, which would leave Woods tied with Jack Nicklaus for most career major victories at 18.
“Tiger’s the greatest Sunday pressure player ever,” Miller said. “I think he’ll win three of four times in 2012 and have a second career that will match [Phil Mickelson’s] career, which is amazing.
“Phil’s won almost 40 times with four majors—I think Tiger will win four more majors and 30 or 40 more tournaments, which is fantastic,” Miller continued. “But for him to win five and surpass Jack? There’s a great chance he’ll win four and tie with Jack, but I don’t think he’ll get the fifth.”
The reason Woods will fall short of his long-stated goal of surpassing Nicklaus’s major record is because the young stars of the game are so good, Miller said.
“You’ve got guys like Rory McIlroy and Jason Day who say, ‘Hey, I can beat you,’” Miller said. “They might rethink their bravado if Tiger starts kicking butt again, but right now Rory’s thinking, ‘Hey, old man, you had your day. My time is now.’”

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