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Hunter Mahan gets in shape to prolong career

Hunter Mahan has a charity music video to thank for the decision to lose some pounds and try and prolong his career on the tour.

In summer 2011, Mahan collaborated with cronies Ben Crane, Rickie Fowler and Bubba Watson to make the "Golf Boys" video that hit youtube and went down a storm with over 5 million views.

But the foursomes's questionable musical talent wasn't the only thing exposed;  in skin-tight leopard prints pants and an open fur coat, there is an noticeable amount of paunch around Mahan's middle.

''Two things,'' Mahan said last week, in his defence.''I'm fitter than I was back then. And the pants were about a 28-inch waist. And I am not a 28-inch waist. They got all the clothes from Goodwill.

"As soon as I put them on, I said, 'Oh, boy.' I better get this coat on top of me. I don't want to be a fully Monty in front.''

Some good-natured ribbing from his friends back in Dallas motivated Mahan to do something about the extra flesh around his middle, and he's now fighting fit and hopes his new fitness regime will help keep him going for many years to come.

''Those are things that are good, because they motivate you,'' he said. ''I've tried to make it a priority and get in the best shape I can. I eat right.

"You look at (Rory) McIlroy and what he's done. In golf, it pays to be stronger. Over 30 tournaments a year, over 30 years of playing golf, it pays to take care of yourself.

You see guys in their 40s, they start breaking down. They try to fix it, but it becomes difficult at that point.''

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