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San Diegan Golfer Plays 365 Days in a Row

Many people dream of playing golf every day, but in the past 12 months 56-year-old Ken Norton from San Diego has done just that.

Starting from July 19 2010, Norton has played at least 18 holes of golf each day in his neighbouring golf courses in San Diego County.

A resident of the San Marcos suburb of San Diego, Ken Norton has lived the golfer’s dream. A whole year of golf that he says has changed his life.

“Oh 100 percent,” Norton told “Being out here, being relaxed, no tension, no phone, no ex-wives or wives.”

In this amazing golfing quest, Norton chalked up some serious numbers on the course.

He played 601 round and nearly 11,000 holes – including an impressive 10 holes in one.
The golf-fanatic went through over 950 golf balls, 200 gloves and six pairs of shoes while walking approximately 1,200 miles over the six county courses.

The entire endeavour cost him around $5000, but brought significant benefits in addition to upping his game.

 Out on the course, the regular attacks of pneumonia and heart problems that previously plagued him disappeared entirely.

“Health-wise it’s ridiculous,” Norton said after losing 40 pounds over the year. “The doctor is in love with me right now.”

Norton’s 365th game ended on Monday at Twin Oaks Golf Course close to his home in San Marcos. With friends and family in attendance, he was presented with a check for free golf for five years at any JC Golf course and a new set of Taylor Made Golf clubs.

Now that the odyssey is over and the likes of publishers, movie makers and the Guinness Book of World Records have got wind of his achievement, you’d think Norton would take break or go on vacation.

Not a chance.

“I’m going to keep golfing,” Norton said. “Now that I’ve got some real clubs I want to see how far I can go,”

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