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Bieber rants at paparazzi spoilng golf game

Turns out Tiger Woods isn't the only world star who hates cameras on the golf course. Canadian pop star Justin Bieber also gets riled up by the sound of shutters during his golf swing.

The teen hearthrob was playing a round at Calabasas Country Club, California when his shot from thee landed far from the intended fairway and deep into the rough. It wasn't "the Bieb's" fault though, oh no, it was the pesky paparazzi poking their noses in and snapping shots from the foliage.

As is de rigueur for irritated celebs these days, Bieber took to his twitter account to express his annoyance.

"Dear paps... golf is supposed to be a relaxing sport... u (you) arent (sic) supposed to be in the bushes yelling at me with cameras. Let me finish the game.

"Gonna stay focused. Back at it. Not gonna focus on the negative. Just a little respect would help."

During Bieber's recent tour of England to promote latest album "Believe", it was reported that he had taken to the sanctuary of a golf simulator to relax and practice one of his favourite hobbies.

"Justin is mad on golf and has a brilliant swing. It focuses his mind," a source reported.

"He's had a lot of madness surrounding him from fans since he landed in Britain, so he booked time at an indoor golf simulator yesterday to relax."

A lot more knowledgable about the sport than many might expect of the teen crooner, an interest that was no doubt furthered by his friendship with 2012 U.S. Masters champion Bubba Watson.

Watson was at the opening for Bieber's film, Never Say Never, and they are firm twitter-friends. They've even played golf together. But despite his reportedly "brilliant swing", the major-winner was a lot more sceptical when put to the question earlier this year.

"Man, he can sing and dance," was all Watson would say.

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