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Bubba and Bieber BFFs?

Your parents, wife or kids. Or even a really close friend. All people most golfers would expect to receive a call from congratulating them on winning their first ever major.

Not 33-year-old 2012 Masters winner Bubba Watson. He went with a baby-faced Canadian popstar, Justin Bieber.

“Justin Bieber is the only person that I talked to on the phone that night after I won," Watson insisted.

"He called me and I talked to him on the phone and he and Selena [Gomez, Bieber’s girlfriend] were congratulating me, and it was a big honor that they would both call me and talk to me."

He's exaggerating, of course. Watson also had a call from a little someone called Barack Obama too.

On "CBS This Morning," Wednesday, Watson said President Obama called to congratulate him on the victory.

"I said, 'Hey buddy, how you doing?' Watson laughed. "He laughed about it and stuff," Watson added.

Watson said he'd play golf with the president if he asked, but "He hasn't asked yet."

But back to Bieber. Watson was one of the celebrities at the opening for Bieber's flick, Never Say Never, and they tweet each other regularly. They've even played golf together. But how exactly is "The Beeb" with a 4 iron?

"Man, he can sing and dance," was all Watson would say.

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