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Woods belly bashing is no worries for Scott

One of the greatest exponents of the belly putter could see the tool of his trade under threat, as World No8 Adam Scott’s weapon of choice could be banned by powerbrokers in the golf world.

However, the man who got him involved in the long putter in the first place, coach Brad Malone, is in no doubt that his charge could switch back to the short stick and be just as successful. 

“Adam putted with a short putter for a lot of his career and he was third in the world using one," Malone said.

"He was a pretty good putter with a short putter. Most of those top guys would have spent 25-30 years with a short putter. They don't forget how to use it."

Malone convinced Scott to experiment with a long putter a year ago and the results have been outstanding. After a dramatic form slump, Scott is up to No 8 in the world.

"It gives you a consistent set-up and a good rhythm with the putting swing," Malone said. "Adam had never putted with a long putter in his life. He picked it up and he was rolling it as good as he had ever rolled it with a short putter."

Scott is among a growing group of players enjoying positive results from using a long putter.

Young American Keegan Bradley caused major ripples when he won the the PGA Championship with a belly putter.

While Scott and Bradley laud the long putter, Woods isn't a fan.

Yesterday, Woods revealed he had spoken to Royal & Ancient chief executive Peter Dawson about changes to the Rules of Golf that would mean an end to long putters.

"My idea was to have it so that the putter would be equal to or less than the shortest club in your bag," Woods said.

"I believe it's (putting) the art of controlling the body and club and swinging the pendulum motion.

"That's how it should be played. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to that."

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