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Dustin Johnson returns amid drug test rumors

With an enforced 11 weeks off from golf with a back injury, Dustin Johnson might have thought his time off from the game he loves would have been bad enough. But then the rumours started.

Dark murmerings of failed drug tests and drug rehab began to pop on the blogosphere, impugning DJ's character, when the more mundane but somewhat bizarre layoff was due to pushing a Jet Ski into the water.

“It was just a freak injury,” Johnson said. “My back was bothering me already because subconsciously I was favoring my left side and that made my right side tight.”

And Johnson dismissed the rumours as easily as he smokes the ball up the fairway.

“I just laughed,” said Johnson. “I mean, it doesn’t bother me. People talk all the time, so people make stuff up; especially when I’m not out here I guess they use their imagination a little too much.”

“I’ve never been around anything like the PGA Tour when it comes to rumors and gossip,” said David Winkle, Johnson’s agent. “It’s insane.”

Added Winkle: “There’s always going to be more stuff that swirls around a young single guy than there is a 50-year-old with six grown kids whether you’re talking about sports or anything.”

Johnson is due to play in this week’s Memorial Tournament, his first competitive golf since he tied for 35th at the World Golf Championship event at Doral on March 11.

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