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European Tour support long putter ban

The schism in golf over the issue of the anchored puttered stroke just got wider.

Atlantic Ocean-wide in fact, with the news that the European Tour have backed the proposed ban despite the PGA Tour's stance of supporting the long putter.

Tour chief executive George O'Grady said "We understand the points put forward by the PGA Tour and the PGA of America.

"The issue's received far greater focus in the US, maybe because of the number of their golfers using the method."

Both the R&A and USGA governing bodies want to make anchoring, and the belly and broomstick putters that accompany them, illegal in the sport and have set a date of 2016 to implement the ban.

Grady added: "Virtually all of our tournament committee and player representatives support the proposed rule even though they are aware, and have taken into account, the fact that some members and especially our senior members use the anchored method."

This position will please the likes of World No1 Rory McIlroy who is in support of the ban as well as fellow Nike Golf player Tiger Woods, but will be greeted with dismay by others, such as Open champion Ernie Els who has used a long putter for the last two years.

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