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The next Tiger Woods

Plenty of golfers have had that title foisted upon them in the past 15 years. It's about as fair a comparison as being called the next Michael Jordan or the next Roger Federer.

Because of the age he turned pro and his immediate success, Jordan Spieth is the latest PGA phenom to draw the comparison.

It's not a ridiculous one, either. Especially if you compare the two players from their amateur days.

Woods won the US Amateur title three straight years, the only player to ever do so.

Spieth won two in three years, including one while he was a sophomore in high school, making him the only player besides Woods to win the tournament more than once.

In Woods' first year at Stanford in 1995, he was the PAC-10 player of the year and a first-team all-American.

In Spieth's first year at the University of Texas in 2012, he was the Big 12 player of the year, a first-team all-American and helped the Longhorns win the national title.

In Woods' sophomore year at Stanford, he participated in the Masters and was the only amateur to make the cut, finishing 41st, and won the NCAA title. He turned pro in August of 1996 at age 20.

Spieth didn't have Woods' patience to keep dominating the amateur ranks, turning pro in December of 2012. He had tied for 21st at the US Open that summer after making the field as an alternate.

Spieth was 19 when he turned pro as well as when he won his first tournament, that in July 2013, the first teenager to win a tour event in 82 years.

Woods' rookie season was like none other in PGA history as he won his first Major in April of 1997 (the Masters) and became No. 1 in the world later that summer.

Spieth hasn't won a Major nor assumed the No. 1 role, but his rookie year was nothing to blush at. He started the 2013 season ranked 810th with no money to his name, and finished it 10th on the PGA money list and 22nd in the world rankings.
Not Tiger. But ... not bad.

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