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Greg Norman: Woods won't win another major

Luke Donald’s retracted his statement about his period being over. Fred Couples is singing the man’s praises and made him one of his captain’s pick for the President’s Cup in the face of considerable criticism.

And Jack Nicklaus still thinks the former No.1 can break his record.

Everyone is being very careful not to write off Tiger Woods just yet.

But there’s one man who’s happy to ruffle some feathers - The Great White Shark himself, Greg Norman.

In comments made in an interview that will be published in the November issue of Golf Magazine, Norman, who held golf’s No.1 ranking for a total of 331 weeks between 1986 and 1998, said Woods has too many distractions now to maintain focus and win another major.

"Tiger, when he dominated, had a single-shot approach," Norman said. "It was only about the golf."

That's just not the case anymore, he said.

"Now there are so many distractions, and people are looking for things that are wrong with Tiger now, so he's got to deal with that on a day-to-day basis, like every other mortal has to do, right?" Norman continued.

"In our lives, in our business, we all have to be responsible for our actions. It's very hard for him to have that focus. And the more he shuts people off, the worse it gets."

"He thinks everything's OK because his world is so cocooned," Norman said.

"Look at his body language," Norman said of Woods. "He doesn't keep his head up anymore, he's got his eyes down, and he’s trying to keep his eyes away from the camera, right?

"I'd love to talk to Tiger about it, guy to guy," Norman said. "The president of the United States [Bill Clinton], when he came to my house, wanted to talk to me guy to guy. We all put our underpants on the same way, one leg at a time. So we sit down and have a chat until two o'clock in the morning."

Norman will have a chance for that chat at the Presidents Cup in Australia this November.

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